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I bought your Rose Facial serum back in the Summer and frankly the difference in my skin is remarkable, I just love i and now wonder how to get my hands on some more. Hattie, Spain

I bought the Rich Rose cream, and Rose facial serum from and need to tell you they are beautiful and effective products. The consistency of the cream  is so light and absorbant  and the serum is just wonderful. I will definitely be a returning customer.

My 15 year old daughter and I both use the Rich Rose cream, and the Rose facial serum, Evie finds that it's helped her skin clear up and I have noticed the fine lines round my eyes have just vanished. My skin feels nourished and comfortable. We have use the serum at night. 

Kirsty and Evie, East Sussex

I used the Frankincense and Lemon moisturiser for the first time before bedtime, and had the best nights sleep I've had in ages.

Sonia, East Sussex

Having been really ill in bed for 6 days with flu, on getting up and having that first shower, the only thing I wanted was to use the Frankincense and Lemon moisturiser, it felt wonderfully comforting and soothing. Made me feel loads better. 

Jane, East Sussex

"We have been using Vicky's products for about 5 years. Vicky's liquid tea tree soap is an all rounder. Apart from the fact that it smells lovely, in my opinion is far superior to any other soap of its kind that I haved tried. The whole family uses it as well as friends who comment on the 'lovely smell'. My 13 year old son who is rather adverse to a wash uses it as a quick fix hand and face wash, which has helped with his 'teenage skin'.The face creams are wonderful too. Both my teenage girls are prone to spots and I find the Pure cream really helps to maintain as healthy a complexion as possible.  I love the range with added essential oils. Apart from the lightness and silkyness of the creams there is nothing nicer than sitting in bed at night having applied it and enjoying the aroma floating around me, it's heavenly. I especially love the Fresh Citrus blend with Sweet Orange mmmm."

Jan - East Sussex

"The Rich Rose cream is gorgeous. I use it every day morning and evening.  It helps to soothe my dry skin and helps with the scar that I have making it feel a lot more comfortable."
Angela - Headcorn

"I love the Rose cream, I can't live without it."
Margarite - East Sussex

"Your lovely Lavender cream is so versatile, as well as a daily moisturiser, it helps to calm and relax me. A great aftersun cream, I put a blob in my ear to clear wax and it worked a treat. I'm never without a pot."
Margaret - East Sussex

"My hands get so dry and rough from my farm work, Vicky made a cream for my hands and I can feel it working the moment I put it on, now I wouln't use anything else."
John - Bells Yew Green

"I use your Lavender cream every single day, it makes my skin feel really hydrated and comfortable."
Sarah - East Sussex

"I love the ranges that are available, great as gifts for all ages. They smell wonderful and  are gentle on the skin."
Sophie - Brighton

"The Rich Rose cream  is the only cream I would use now, it keeps spots away and the smell lingers all day. My skin feels alive and deeply nourished."
Kirsty - East Sussex

"The Breath Easy essential oil blend has helped my young sons, I can hear their breathing changing when I use my diffuser with this blend. It helps them sleep - thank you."
Tanya - East Sussex

"I keep one of your Lavender rolletts in my handbag for long journeys, I use it on my temples and wrists to refresh me."
Eileen - East Sussex

"I used the Lavender wash with my children, youngest is 18 months, and it seems to help with their sleeping patterns, it calms them, and smells wonderful too. It's not drying to their skin. You don't need much to get a good lather" so, very pleased.

Sara - Northiam, East Sussex

"I love the Eucalyptus and Peppermint shampoo and shower gel, I shower twice a day and it really wakes me up, I feel tingly and fresh."
Johnny - East Sussex

"I've discovered Vicky's Rose cream 6 months ago and since then not a day has passed without me using it. I have a very dry skin and I'm picky when it comes to face and body creams in general but I can definitely say that I have found the perfect one and in time I will try the others too.
I am allergic to the chemicals in shampoos on the market but nothing was good enough, until Vicky recommended her Baby wash shampoo and I have to say it is amazing! not only for the scalp but my hair looks incredible - she said so humbly - I'm  just very happy to have found these wonderful products."

Diana - East Sussex

Jane, East Sussex. I use the Christmas blend of essential oils in my hoover bag and I love the smell it leaves, I use this all the time.

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